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2014.11.03 20:54

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NTAG21X 칩 관련 정보입니다.




NTAG21X 무엇이 달라 졌을까요?


  • 32-bit password authentication. This, says NXP, offers “a simple protection mechanism for data stored into the tag”.
  • A UID ASCII mirror, which presents the serial number of the tag chip as an ASCII encoded string. This “automatically maps the IC unique serial number to a stored NDEF message, thus greatly simplifying tag serialization for applications such as smart posters.”
  • A 24-bit NFC counter, along with an ASCII mirror. This counts the number of interactions that occur between NFC devices and the tag and appends the total to a stored NDEF message. NXP suggests this can be used to improve usage analytics in smart advertisements and location based services.
  • Integrated originality signature. This enables the detection of unauthorized NTag copies, “thus providing a simple but powerful product authentication method”.
  • A new Fast Read command, designed to speed up tag registration in inline processes such as print media or product label manufacturing.


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